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Course Descriptions


A course designed to teach how to take great travel photos by emphasizing all aspects of Travel Photography skills. Slide lectures, demonstrations and class critique of student work, will enable the participants to experience the enjoyment that both travel and photography provide. The course will be further illustrated with the instructor's images taken in his many journeys, thus creating an opportunity to inspire the students to explore new ideas.

Topics covered include: 
  • aspects of Travel Photography skills
  • understanding exposure, choosing film and lenses; use of filters
  • light and the image: quality of light, direction of light, and the colour of light
  • use of available light - outdoors and indoors
  • how to shoot various travel subjects: landscapes, sunsets, cities, architectural details, monuments, faces, animals, etc.
  • equipment for the beginner, intermediate and advanced travel photographer, in other words, your photographic suitcase
  • an update of 35 mm cameras: "point & shoot", APS, 35mm system, and digital cameras
  • use of digital cameras
  • the afterlife of your efforts: tips for displaying your photographs
  • short individual student presentations, followed by critiques and discussions
    marketing Travel Photography

Who should attend:
Anyone with a desire to advance their photographic skills, aspiring to become more creative in capturing those special travel moments; also photographers considering to generate income from their travel images. This course is for photographers of all levels of experience, but familiarity with the basic operations of a 35 mm camera would be an asset. 

Four to five sessions; each session three hours, for a maximum of 12 to 15 hours.


  • Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. To register: www.rom.on.ca (follow the Programs link), or call 416 586-5797
  • Toronto Image Works, 80 Spadina Ave, Suite 207, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2J4. To register: www.torontoimageworks.com, or call 416 703-1999 or 1-8000-867-2252 (ask for Nick Trainos).

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